The Brief

WOW Agency is proud to have collaborated with a forward-thinking brand committed to progress and sustainability. Our mission was to create a digital presence that reflects our client’s commitment to the environment and their values:
  1. Ethical Ingredient Sourcing: We highlighted their ethical approach to ingredient sourcing and innovation, resulting in top-performing formulas that generated a 20% increase in product inquiries.
  2.  Sustainability: Emphasizing carbon-neutral production and responsible sourcing practices, we positioned sustainability at the core of the project, aligning with their B-corporation certification.
This project showcases WOW Agency’s dedication to translating our client’s values into a digital platform that invites customers to embark on a journey towards their healthiest hair and skin while positively impacting the planet.


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WOW Agency has been an incredible partner, bringing our vision to life in a way that feels truly authentic. Their commitment to our values and sustainability shines through in the digital platform they've created. We couldn't be happier with the result. Thanks, WOW Agency!

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