The Brief

When entrusted with the task of revamping Harley of Scotland’s website, our agency, WOW, embarked on a mission to seamlessly blend tradition and innovation. We honored their 1929 heritage, creating a digital experience blending tradition and innovation. WOW Agency embarked on a mission to blend tradition and innovation seamlessly:
  1. Celebrating Heritage: We celebrated their heritage dating back to 1929, emphasizing their legacy in Scottish knitwear.
  2. Showcasing Sustainability: Our focus was on showcasing their exquisite products and sustainable practices, aligning with eco-conscious values
  3. User-Friendly Interface: We created a user-friendly interface reflecting Harley of Scotland’s commitment to quality, resulting in a 20% improvement in user satisfaction.
  This project resulted in a digital platform that truly embodies Harley of Scotland’s craftsmanship and innovation, effectively conveying their values and standards.


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WOW Agency brought our vision to life! They combined tradition and innovation seamlessly, showcasing our Scottish knitwear heritage dating back to 1929. Their user-friendly design beautifully reflects our sustainability commitment, making our website a true celebration of Harley of Scotland's craftsmanship and eco-conscious values.

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